1More Set of Earbuds EVER!

I have gotten so tired with earbuds that fall apart, or don’t fit properly, or won’t stay in my ears so that I can listen to music with high-quality audio, but that has finally changed!

The Best Earbuds Around


So, today I am taking a step away from free stuff to share with you a review on something that if you use earphones you will want to hear (no pun intended).
These are not your grandparents’ headphones.

No these are the real deal.  I used earphones almost as often as I breathe, so when I was gifted these by a co-worker this last Christmas I was thrilled when they fit so comfortably, and they stay in my ears. If you want comfortable, ergonomic fit earphones, then these are the only earbuds for you, they will be the best bud that you can have.  Here’s what I thought of the overall.

The Pros

  • Gently angled for comfortable fit in ear
  • 3 extra set of tips
  • Sturdy case for earbuds
  • Sturdy box that the earbuds are packed in
  • Perfect quality audio with
  • mic and remote that work with Android and iPhones
  • don’t forget the dual-prong adapter for your next flight

The Cons

  • Cost – if you can call it a con, it is definitely worth it.

What would you listen to if you had the PERFECT earbuds? 

Let us know what you think.....