My Top 5 FREE ways I reduce stress

Let’s face it, my life has been crazy and filled with stress the past couple weeks between illness and finals coming up soon.  What do you do when you need to relax?

My 5 Favorite Methods to reduce stress and start Relaxing

1. Coloring

I enjoy coloring with my toddler, but whether coloring with your children or on your own it can be a quite relaxing way to relieve your stress.  You can get all the coloring pages you need for nothing too. There are printable coloring pages that you can find all over the internet, you could start with the pages I discuss in my post Free Coloring ‘Books’.

2. Word-finds, Crosswords or Sodoku

I am a little more analytical, so on my own I find it beneficial to work through some puzzles. Crosswords, wordfinds or sodoku can also be printed from the internet which I find invigorating and challenging.  Here are some good options that I got started with.

3. Reading

It is delightful and relaxing to read Self Help and How To books for me, but maybe you’re more like my wife and want to read novels. Whatever you enjoy reading I suggest a paper copy which takes your eyes away from the devices, which can cause eye strain and difficulty with sleeping.  Just saying you might get a better night sleep reading out of a physical book.

4. Take a Bath

This tends to be one of the most relaxing methods I use for reducing my stress.  This works on many levels, and I can also add reading, word searches, tea, a glass of wine and much more to aid the relaxation. Just magnificent how this also helps muscles that have tightened due to stress to relax as well. If you live in a situation where a bath is not feasible., showers can fill the place of a bath.  Here’s 5 Easy DIY Homemade Detox Bath Recipes that help your bath to do the most for you.

5. Take a Walk

Walking doesn’t seem relaxing does it? It seems like that would take a lot of energy and be maybe exhausting, but I find them like walking through my thoughts, enjoying happy moments, and dismissing sad ones.

Stress does not have to debilitate your life because you are tight on cash.  There are countless unique ways to handle stress, don’t let it stress you out.

What is your favorite method of handling stress?

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