#Freebie Friday Amazon Giftcard Giveaway

In honor of #Freebie Fridays and my wife’s book release I will be giving away an Amazon eGift Card!
Use the options below to try your chance in winning this fabulous chance on March 17th.

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Winner To Be Announced March 24th


Take your chance in the Amazon eGift card giveaway above and your could get your book free.

On March 18th my wife will be attending the anti-trafficking Freedom Weekend.

She will be sharing her book as she tries to bring awareness to the sex trafficking industry, as well as a portion of any of her books that are sold (eBook/paperback) will go back to the fight against anti-trafficking. She will be specifically giving to Breaking Free and Women at Risk, International.

You can check out her novella on her page here and your support for four organizations by purchasing the eBook below would be greatly appreciated and such a small commitment.

I am offering a giveaway to honor my wife’s passion for this subject & to help raise awareness for Freedom Weekend and the sex trafficking industry.

Help me ‘March for Freedom’ this month. 

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