Are you M.A.D.?


         Today is definitely an exciting day for me, I keep up with all sorts of financial and frugal blogs across the country and beyond and today I cannot believe that I was actually featured in the Canadian Budget Binder Saturday Weekend Review.

Frugal Dad of Daughter is featured in his M.A.D. feature! You can check out the Frugal Dad of Daughter Making a Difference section here.

What does it mean to get M.A.D.?

Are you a personal finance blogger interested in networking and sharing what your blog is about?  Then why haven’t you contacted Mr CBB yet?

Mr CBB has so kindly taken to spending time offering the Making a Difference series featuring personal finance bloggers for some time now.    If you are featured in the Making a Difference series it only requires 200 words written in regard to who you are, what your blog is about, and how to make a difference to your readers.

So what are you waiting for contact Mr CBB to see if you too can be featured so that I can find out who you are as well!