Daughter is Daddy’s Delight


Being the dad of my Daughter Emmy I feel so wonderfully blessed, despite her knack to get into absolutely everything on any of our tables.

However, as many people know, life is crazy and chaotic, and for many like myself balancing between a full time job, almost full time school and a family makes it nearly impossible to do anything else, especially if it requires more research.  So I have decided that I am going to try to put together a short eBook over the next year or so called “The Busy Dad’s Kitchen” including many of my favorite recipes, tips, easy substitutions, home made products and easy equivalents (maybe separated into multiple eBooks).

Keep on eye on the blog over the next year and I will try to post some of my things that I have done and learned like:

Home made Spanish Peanut Butter

Hmmm…. this is another reason I should thank my brother and sister-in-law.  I received the gift of an immersion blender as a hand me down a year or so back which has like a food processor like attachment, which I found works great for making peanut butter, just 8 oz, but takes about 5 minutes and I used regular peanuts and no additives of any kind.


Have you made any Homemade Butters?