Day 19 – #TVFree28Challenge

NINE Days left!

It is hard to believe that I have already gone without TV for 19 days!  I feel that I have regained the equivalent of an additional work week with the last 19 days.  What would you do with an extra 40 hour work week?

As I close out another week, now 19 days of being TV Free, I feel like I have completed nothing. In reality I have got a lot done with the free time without TV, but because I have been so crazy busy with prepping to push out my wife’s website ( and her ebook and paperback version of her novella Ruby in the Rough, that will be released March 11th I have had very little time for much else.

This week was easier than the first two I felt very little call to any of the TV shows,

Check out here what replaced TV this week:

  • Read another couple chapters in my books
  • Read more in my Bible than I have in months

  • Visit with my parents
  • Visit with my in-laws.
  • Started networking a little more for my site.
  • Started writing up the next series of blog posts about FREE STUFF!
    • If you are excited about getting stuff FREE you will have to check out my next several posts that will be discussing all of the FREE stuff that you can get (depending on your location)
  • More painting with my daughter – that was a mistake, because I became the canvas)

  • Playing with ‘finger’ puppet princesses

What would you do next week without TV?

Let us know what you think.....