Day 26 – #TVFree28Challenge

Whew! I am so close to the finish line for the #TVFree28Challenge, just 2 more days.

This past week was a little tougher. I had lots to do to keep me busy,
but I kept wanting to turn the TV on in the background while I worked.

This week I wasn’t especially productive with reading.

Here’s what replaced the time I normally would have been watching TV:

  • Emily Shore’s paperback novella was completed and sent to press to be ready for release on March 5th for official release. Between this and my wife’s website, this took up most of the free time that I would normally have during the week.





  • Painting with Niece and my daughter


  • Cooking with daughter & niece

  • Repaired 3 year old’s Princess Ana’s wedding dress from Frozen.

With my 28 days nearly complete I have started feeling more and more compelled to keep the TV turned off as much as I can.  Would you dare give up TV for 28 days completely?

Check out more of what I did last week HERE

What did you get done this week? 



Let us know what you think.....