Finding Frugal Fun this Summer

Kids have so much energy and it can be extremely hard to keep up with them and their activities during the summer. Do you have any fun frugal ideas for this summer? How about using the time to teach them and have fun?

Five Frugal Summer activities for fun
and learning

Summer is supposed to be fun and enjoyable for kids to be kids.  With two little girls, I find myself wanting to make it fun to play, frugal, but also sometimes use play as teachable experiences.
Here are some ways that I hope I can have fun with my family and also teach them something.

1. Gardening

Flowers, Herbs, and Vegetables can be both beautiful and delicious. Although it is not always fun, some parts can be fun and enjoyable for kids, like turning the soil at the beginning of the soil. It can be a terrific time to allow your kids to play in the mud or dirt or dig for worms.  Why not let them help you dig up the dirt, my daughter loved finding all of the worms.

2. Foraging

What child, at some point,  doesn’t put some form of a plant in their mouth? If it’s not a plant then it probably is a plant, but what if you took your kids on a hike (in a place safe to forage) and teach them what they can eat right out of the ground.

3. Cooking/Household

Butter and Jams used to be a common activity for children to help parents with and can be quite enjoyable as well as rewarding experience for the children.  At the same time, you can teach them skills that are currently no longer being taught regularly.
Here are some of the ones I have made, or want to make with my daughter this year.

4. Board Games, Card Games & Toys

With younger children, this can be tough, but I find it’s best to play at their age level.  Playing something like Candyland might not be completely understood by a 2 to 3-year-old, but you can easily engage them with Candyland or maybe just play like I did building ‘houses’ out of blocks for my daughter’s princesses.  Be as creative as you can with toys, or if you have a Chess play, try to enjoy some chess. It can be a learning experience for good sportsmanship (whether you are losing or they are).


5. Splishing, Splashing or Sploshing

Whether swimming at the pool, lake or just having a water fight with the hose and buckets in the backyard everyone enjoys cooling off during the summer. Do not be afraid to get soaking wet at the spur of a moment (just have a plan for the tech before it gets out of hand).


Will you Make Summer Fun This Year?

Let us know what you think.....