Foraging for weeds provides frugal free food

foraging for free food dandelion There used to be a time when foraging was everyday life activity, but with technology and globalization, it has almost been completely abandoned especially in the USA. But this method could easily be an easy way to reduce your bills by getting additional food for free. Would you consider eating an edible weed?

Why and What you should be foraging for?

Foraging for weeds is not something new created as a special trend in the 21st century, but now there seems to be some new resurgence of how many vital daily nutrients we can receive from just gathering the edibles from around us. There are 3 Reasons why you should start gathering food:

1. Save Money & Supplement Grocery Budget

Many in the middle class know the difficulty to keeping their family fed, but adding a little bit of foraged for weeds can definitely supplement a small grocery budget.

2. Adds extra Nutrients to Diet

Pills are popped faster and faster throughout our culture. Take some Calcium, Vitamin B/E/C, or one of the many other ‘vitamins’ that you can pick up in the store. Why not get many of your needed sources of vitamins by adding some extra flavor to meals or drinks.

3. Survival in the Wild or at home

Lost in the woods is not something most humans plan for,  but is definitely a possibility if you go camping or live anywhere near trees or forests. Understanding the variations of edible weeds and plants in your area could help you heal faster or survive for longer extended periods if you cannot get food because of a disaster.
In a natural disaster, this could mean life and death.

 There are countless plants and weeds that depending on your area could be a terrific addition to your table, but the first step you need to take is knowing the plants that is safe to forage for by using a guide like this.

 5 Edible Weeds I would like to Try

1. Cattail

2. Creeping Charlie/Ground Ivy

3. Red Clover 

4. Daylily 

5. Sorrel

WARNING: Remember to do your own research as I have. I am not an expert in finding edible plants and you should always consult someone that knows more about your area and the same wild plants to eat.

Will you be eating weeds anytime soon?
Which weeds would you eat?

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2 thoughts on “Foraging for weeds provides frugal free food”

  1. hey there! I found you because you followed my blog Melanisms, so I followed the link to this post, which is totally near and dear to my frugal, wildcrafting heart!

    funnily enough, for supper tonight I’m making an aglio e olio penne that will feature puffball setup from last year as well as yarrow fresh from the cracks in our back patio!

    so glad to have found a fellow foraging friend ?

    1. I am just getting started and with a 4 year old and a 1 year old I have to be careful to make sure they understand not to just grab random weeds from our yard, but I just learned that what I thought was 3 leaf clover in my yard is actually wood sorrel and quite taste 🙂 thanks for zipping back over here to check it out. Alqays excited to hear from other frugal friends 😛

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