How to Get Free Cloud Storage with your device – #TTT

So, if you’re like me and your phone diiiiiied. You’re just going, ahhhhh! Here is some good news, find the right special and you can get free cloud storage when you upgrade that broken phone.

I have talked about FREE cloud storage in the past.  Most accounts are not very exciting and max out at about 10 to 15 GB, but what if you are like me and need more.

Check out GOOGLE DRIVE  has a special for new LG devices.

Get 100GB #FREE  on top of the original 15 GB just for owning a new LG.  What a deal!
Check it out.

If you aren’t buying an LG, there appear to be many other devices that this is being offered for. This is a good reminder that sometimes we just have to ask.

Have you ever found a special just because you asked? What was it? 


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