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Are you a writer or author?
Whether you write professionally or just for fun you don’t need expensive software to maximize your ability to write your novel or blog.  There are countless free options out there that are just waiting for your use.

What Free Author tools are correct for you?

I write all over the place, at home, at the auto repair shop, on my lunch break (when I take one), and anywhere else I get a free minute to write something. Trying to keep from having quadruplicated files that are all different versions of the same file is nearly impossible for me.

Well, there are so many options out and I just couldn’t figure out which was the best.  Writing my blog happens to be easiest in my WordPress, but about the books that I want to write.  I have already covered other options that might be available for some (here) otherwise here a few of the #free options that might be worth your while.  I am hoping that these will help me become more organized with my writing.


This is quite convenient and will have to continue testing this, it includes sectionos like:

*  plot lines
* Chapters
* Characters
* scenes
* items

This make it really easy for organization.


Currently Website appears to be Parked as of August 1st 2017.

Much like Hiveword, this was made to easily track:

*. Chapters
* Scenes
* Settings
* Characters
* Items
* Plotlines

With the ability to work with multiple books, this is a great tool if you are writing multiple books, like me or my wife.


Wow! With all the work I put in to setting up my wife’s book, now I find stuff like Fast Pencil and other where I can easily set up multiple books and looks like it is easily set up to Publish your books from as well as add collaborators to work on the book as well.  I cannot wait to dig into such an awesome resource even more.  This will be yet another one that I will be testing with one of my smaller ebooks.  So you will have to keep an eye out for my ebooks to be complete soon.


What a terrific little place on line to keep all of your document drafts. Easily get help from collaborators. I am even going to be testing this with collaborating on a blog post with another
author. I think this will make an easy way to collaborate on
articles, blog posts.  Don’t be put off by the way it looks when you add formating, it allows you to add many formatting options, but it won’t show up until you Preview your draft, which when you are adding photos it can be a little disconcerting, but works like a charm 🙂

You could even try Hemingway Mode unless you are like me and hate looking at mistakes.


At first all I could think of was Pokemon Go and I almost pulled all my hair out, not the PokeZombies again 🙂
But this is pretty terrific to use alongside a normal word
document.  You can easily add Copyright pages, upload the
document to create an ebook and print books right on site.

This is one have a to try out for at least one of my books to see how well they turn out.


If you want to knock the socks of your writer wife or girlfriend, the write (ha-ha) way you could easily get her a Synonym finder.  Okay, seriously DON’T DO THAT.  I did that for Christmas shortly after I married my wife.  Although she LOVED it to DEATH (literally) it got the worst reaction, but you could always show your love by telling them about something like this light weight thesaurus.


So  when I complete my writing, I just know that it is going to be swamped with spelling or grammar errors, especially since I am normally just trying to spill my brains on the paper while there is still grey matter filling with inspiration inside of them.  Grammarly does a terrific job at checking your grammar for you and integrates beautifully with your web browser (well Firefox & Chrome for certain) and there is also a free Addon for Office that I have not had the chance to use yet.

Where do you as an author normally do your writing?  Have you found special ways that help you organize and coordinate your writing?

Some of these tools that work great for college students could also make your life easier to organize as you allow your thoughts to pool through your fingertips on to the keyboard, check these out.

What other tools do you use for your writing?





29 thoughts on “Author Online Tools for Free”

  1. Dear Kevin, I think you must be the most productive person I know. Can you tell me how you manage to publish such great posts (that I’m sure require research), be a dad and a husband, a student and work? I would love to know your time management tips. 1. I’m super curious. 2. I could learn a lot from you! Sending hugs to your whole family!!

    1. hmmm….. time management, what is that? I think you have me confused with someone else, since most days I fly by the seat of my pants, but Google Calendar as of late has made my coordinating my schedules a lot easier. I think that has been my huge turning point was getting a unified schedule that I could have notifications on my device, my computer.

          1. Just ecstatic that anyone is getting something out of my writing, some days I feel I am writing for myself to read

          2. I have some followers, but I don’t know how many actual ‘readers’ I have, most days it seems to be very few.

          3. Honestly, until recently I had been engaging people somewhat on Social Media, but I had not been using the WP Reader, and I just started commenting on Dailypost which I had seen over and over again, but just kept saying I didn’t have time for that too… that was a dumb thought… 😛

          4. Yep learned that the hard way recently 🙁 to bad I didnt learn sooner. And now I realized that my Instagram link was broken because I corrected my name in Instagram and now it is fixed 🙂 yay!

  2. It will be more than nice to try using these tools…and am sorry if this is not the right place to say this, but am bewitched by your daughter’s beautiful and glowing face….I really like her!

  3. Nice list!
    I’m the developer of Hiveword and wanted to point out that you can have multiple books there, too. Hiveword can also grow with you via the upgrade called Hiveword Plus. I suck at making websites pretty but I recently created to highlight the customizability. Pretty sure that this feature is unique to Hiveword and I think the page looks pretty cool, too. ?
    As for not knowing how many readers you have… Do you know about Google Analytics? It’s a way of knowing how many visitors you have, where they come from, etc. It’s free and you can check it out here:
    Good luck with both your writing and blog!

    1. Hey Mike, thanks for checking in with us about Hiveword and pointing out the ease of adding multiple books. I am testing it out with a couple of my books. I do know about Google Analytics, but sometimes it might show how many people visit the site, but that is about all it shows. Thanks for reminding me about it, because since I had to use a data backup to restore my site I forgot to reset my google analytics 🙂

      1. Hmm, that’s weird. Admittedly, visitors and referrers are the most interesting things (to me, at least) but there should be search terms that people found you by, their path through your site, which page they were on when they left, etc.

          1. I actually just started using Grammarly, and for someone like me, it is Awesome! I am not that bad with grammar, but I am as good at grammar as my wife is. 😛

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