How to perform a Data Backup for FREE

I already wrote about data backup here, but it is so important I am writing about it again because it is that important.
Are you still dubious as to why you should create a data backup?
Well, just recently I nearly lost ALL my website…. and did lose a great number of thumb drives.


My Top 9 Free Data Backup Options for You

That’s right ALL of my website and most of my thumb drives, not just a little bit of data, but everything ALMOST LOST.
Thankfully I had a backup from 2 days before of my website.
That would have been gigs of data unrecoverable, but thanks to a simple DATA backup I was able to resurrect my website within one day.

Unfortunately, I am not positive what was on all of the thumb drives, but I am pretty confident that most of them were software like Linux and because of regular backups, I am sure the rest of the data I have copies of.

Important to Remember you should secure your belongings at work no matter what they are. You never know when well-intentioned individuals might accidentally throw away your personal belongings. (The reason I lost so many thumb drives) 


1. SyncBack Free

This is the one that I use. It is quite simple to use, lightweight and easy to schedule backup.


2. FreeFileSync

This is a much like a simple copy tool, that allows you to backup your data.  There is even a Portable version of this program. Makes it even easier to use.


3. CloneZilla

This isn’t just for backing up, but also for imaging your drive, but if you have multiple computers to backup data to this can also be a good fairly easy and free option, especially if you are working a computer repair and cannot load a computer at that moment.



If you have an older computer that fits the specs for this, you could easily use all of your older hard drives to not only back up your data but as a shared location for data on your network.  You could set it up so that you and your spouse could easily access your data. This one really depends on your needs.


5. Macrium Reflect

Another simple option, but not one of my favorites.

6. Paragon Backup & Recovery Free

Another simple option, but still not one of my favorites.

7. Built-In Backup –

Most operating systems have some simple method of backing up your data. Windows and Mac OS X specifically have their own customer backup. Mac has what is called TimeMachine and Windows just has a Backup and Restore.

8. Crash Plan Free Option

Crashplan has terrific free and paid options. So maybe you don’t have a ton of extra storage, but your friend does. You can even use your friends hosted storage to backup your data too.


9. Free Cloud Storage

(If you don’t have a lot of data or if you have 100 GB free from LG)


Linux Backup Software

14 Outstanding Backup Utilities for Linux Systems

Here some more lists of Free options to try from: 




Are you still wondering whether the cost to backup your data is worth it?

What experiences have you had with data loss? 

What other data backup method do you know of?


Let us know what you think.....