Can you Break Free from Cable for #Free Alternatives

Consumers spend millions of dollars a year on TV, Movies, Videos, Music and books per year. But when you are trying to get out of debt what do you do?  How do you lower your costs? Do you think you can break free from pay services like cable?

Let Me Help you Find FREE Media

To bring awareness and fight the battle of sex trafficking this month I have tried to theme my articles towards BREAKING FREE (partially to bring more attention to a wonderful MN based organization called “Breaking Free“).  So you can help us by picking up my wife’s ebook Ruby in the Rough where every books sale will help Women At Risk, International (the other organization my wife supports).

There are many ways that you can lower your costs with multimedia but the first thing that would be the most difficult, but highly effective way to BREAK FREE from TV; a #TVFree Month like I did last month is a sure fire way to cut back your video & TV costs. I know that seems radical, but you can see HERE some of how it was beneficial for me last month to be without TV. The best part is it’s FREE. Since I am all about FREEBIES let’s take a look at a couple of other freebies that will help us sustain our media intake addicition?

#1 – Television & Movies  – Cable TV I think is getting lost as time goes on.  It is just to expensive to spend that amount of money on TV and Movies. Here are a few places you can get movies for FREE

  • Libraries (to rent)
  • TV Channels
  • Amazon Prime (If you have Amazon Prime for Shipping, you have movies and TV you might not have known that it came with)
  • Neighbors, Friends, Family (As people upgrade, many regularly get rid of old stuff)
  • Garage Sales
  • Youtube (Not full movies, but you can get help videos, music videos and much much more. Your kids can watch endless kids stuff too)
  • Vimeo (Much like youtube platform with free videos.  Not as widely known or used)
  • Mystery Shopping – You could actually be making money to go to the theaters, or using a site like Swagbucks or InboxDollars to watch videos.
  • Free Training

#2 Music/Audio Books  – Audio tends to be a bit trickier. Artists don’t want to tend to part with their music, but you can get a lot of music legally for FREE as well.

  • Again your neighbors, friends, families and garage sales are great potentials.
  • Youtube – My favorite place to listen to all the music I want as long as I have internet.
  • Libraries again will let you rent CDs (at this posting, maybe CDs will disappear somewhere in the future though)
  • Mystery Shopping – Again why not get paid to find that next favorite song. Here are 7 possible ways that you could be earning while listening here.
  • Adventures in Odyssey is a terrific kids audio drama that teaches great morals that regularly offer free episodes on and The Odyssey Scoop
  • Many Radio Stations are now online
  • Podcasts – offer free music, training, and just rambling
  • – mostly old time radio, but they can be more fun then the current radio broadcasts.
  • Old Time Radio – there are endless oodles of the old classic radio shows that you can find for download in multiple locations

#3 Books

  • – regularly offers free ebooks if you sign up here
  • Libraries – almost didn’t list this because it seemed to obvious
  • Giveaways – there are lots of ebooks given away all the time.  Some for signing up for a website.  Some for specials for author releases.
  • Craigslist – people declutter all the time and for most people it is not worth selling.
  • – offers tons of ebooks, as well as magazines.  Mostly are older, some even back in the early 1900s, but still great if you love to read. If you need older manuals this would be a place I would suggest you look.
  • Gutenberg – lots of free books here as well.
  • Kindle First If you have Amazon Prime you get to pick from  the Editors selections for the month.
  • HonestFew – Free ebooks.

So you might not find your favorite books or TV shows through these options, it will give you lots of alternatives to your normal options that might at least allow you some temporary savings.  Don’t miss out on your chance for a #Free Amazon eGiftcard by entering here.

Which ones would you, or have you used?

Let us know what you think.....