FREE Friendly April Fools Tech Pranks

Would you like to prank someone at work?

Remember a prank is only funny if everyone enjoys it, so don’t pull a prank if it is mean or going to humiliate someone.  Everyone involved should enjoy it.

What Friendly Tech Pranks can you pull on your friends? – #TechTipTuesday

PRANK 1 – Fake Desktop 

Want to really freak someone out and make them think their computer is broken?

This is harmless unless the person you pull it on is known to throw computers/people.

  1. Hit Ctrl+Print to take a screenshot of their screen.
  2. Open Paint
  3. Select Edit -> Paste
  4. Save file
  5. Set background to file.
  6. Copy All icons on desktop and paste in folder in My Documents
  7. Sit back and watch their reaction.

Remember you should know how the individual will react and how busy they are because this could cause some problem if they are on an extreme deadline. Another method of doing this would be to use their smartphone and create a screenshot of their background.

Upside Down Desktop/Rotated Desktop

If you use shortcut keys alot, maybe you have accidentally had this happen to you.

  1. Hit Ctrl+Alt+Down(left or right) arrow key
  2. Pretend to be nonchalant as the walk past you to their desk.

This one is super simple but it can definitely elicit some great reaction if they are not super familiar with shortcut keys.  (If you are wondering you can correct this with Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow)

PRANK 3 – Phone Alarm

This could be mean depending on how you do it, but I am trusting that you won’t be mean about this:

  1. Ask to see your friend’s new phone because you’re thinking of getting that exact model.
  2. Then Set an alarm for 5:30 PM (some people would suggest early morning before 5 or 6 am, but unless you know the person really well and that they will take it with the humor it is intended I would not suggest that, especially parents with young children).
  3. change the language
  4. Hand the phone back
  5. Try not to grin. . . . It will spoil the surprise
  6. Now if they look right away they might notice that you changed the language and be irritated, but will not think of anything else
  7. until it’s too late (or too early).

Really you could choose anytime.  Maybe it’s Friday at 10 PM because you know they will probably be up still.  Whatever the time is I suggest that you remember that if they cannot laugh at it, don’t do it.  Everyone should be able to laugh at a prank.

PRANK 4 – Mouse Hunt

Have you ever noticed how sensitive optical mice are, well here is another quite simple prank that will have the recipient baffled and is not going to hurt anyone.

  1. Put tape over the optical sensor of someone’s mouse.
  2. Walk away and hope they didn’t see you. 🙂

What Friendly Ways Can you think of to
tech prank people you care about? 


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