Important Announcement !


So I have been a little bit derelict in my duties on my blog for the past several months.  With the past four months there has been a lot that has gone on, so there is good reason.

Between finding out we were expecting another baby (our second child) in December, my dad having a stroke and my wife staying sick throughout December (not morning sickness, really sick) and just finally getting better in time for me to go back to class in January. It was a crazy end to our year.

The start of this year has been loads of ups and downs so far. So if you are not following my wife Author Emily Shore on facebook as well yet, then you better start.  She has already written umm… well a lot of book.s I think she is close to nearly 20 books now.

Just recently we received some great news.  Can you guess?


That’s right we just found out we are having another girl and we are both super excited to be parents of two little girls!

Now things are starting to mellow out a little bit in our lives.  It will probably completely mellow out just in time for the birth in August, but now that I am taking off Summer and Fall from school hopefully I will be able to keep up a little better and still complete 2 Associates of Applied Science degrees in Information Technology Support and Network Security by the end of next summer.

How do you handle the busy moments in life? 

What excitement do you have going on this year?