Saving Scraps


Not too long ago I discussed the many uses of  bfat3.  This week while working on my blog, John 6:12, “And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, “Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost”, compelled me to linger on leftovers and scraps just a little bit longer, on not wasting what God has so abundantly given to us. Jesus’ display after feeding the 5,000 gave a perfect example of being thankful in the little things, the scraps as well.

We need to be faithful and thankful for the little things that God provides us. He shows us a reflection of our relationship with him in his careful collection of the scraps. This is His reminder that to God, we are the scraps that have been plucked up and saved.

My top 5 scraps you might have missed:

  1. eggshells: you don’t have to worry about walking on these, but there are a ton of great uses for egg shells includingeggs
  • sprinkle in your garden (many critters don’t like walking/crawling on broken egg shells & they also provide great nutrients to the soil.)
  • Clean pots & pans
  • Cat deterrent
  • Better tasting coffee
  • Check out the many Eggs-traodinary sites on the bottom.
  1. Cold Coffee & The Grounds: if you are like me and no one else likes coffee in your house, you might think you are the only one that would ever use your coffee, but you might be surprised. Next time you are drinking your coffee, remember once it gets cold to share a sip with your tomatoes. Tomatoes love the acidity of the coffee, but remember don’t give them too much.  Aside from feeding your plants there are many other uses for what you can use your coffee and grounds for. Here a couple other commonly missed uses for coffee & grounds!   photo 2 2
  • exfoliating scrub (yes probably not for anyone that doesn’t like the smell to begin with)
  • deodorizing your fridge (again if you like the smell)
  • Give paper an antique look
  • Using them in your garden (gives a new meaning to grounds)
  • Make a roach trap.
  1. tbagTea bags: Did you know that you can use your tea bags on your cuts? What you didn’t?? You can also:
  • help relieve pink eye & puffy eyes
  • plant food
  • canker cure
  • house cleaner
  1. Vegetable or Citrus Peels: There certainly may not be great appeal to some of the ideas that you might find here, but I have certainly found that once you peel back the layers, there are several good uses for all scrapsof those different vegetable and fruit peels.  (O brother, to many puns…..)
  • Potato Crisps
  • Cleaning Coffee pots & Tea Pots
  • Pineapple peel car freshener
  • Flavored Citrus Oils/ Citrus Extract Powder
  • Seedling pots
  • Potpourri
  1. Pulp – So now that I have beaten you to a pulp with my perilously unpalatable puns, we rest on the last of my top 5. Now you might wonder what pulp I refer to? Well, for those of you that make your own juices pulpfor might want to try, use the leftover pulp if you juiced some fruit or veggies, or what about the left over pulp from that grapefruit that you ate this morning?
  • Fruit Tea
  • Compost
  • Add to baked goods for flavor/texture
  • Veggie broth

As I look at the scraps in my fridge, John 6:12 reminds me that taking care not to waste the ‘scraps’ is not only frugal, but also follows Christ’s example. It reminds us of God’s many uses for the things on this Earth and that in all situations God always a purpose.

What household scraps do you like to save?