How to get Vegetable Seeds for Free

Not sure if you have money for seeds this year?

Do you have any seeds left from last year?

Every year I end up with leftovers from the previous year, but what about the seeds that I couldn’t get a steep discount or ran out of? Check below the many ways I have found to save money on getting my seeds for FREE.

What you could be doing for Free Seeds

1. Saving Extra Seeds

Every year I load up on seeds towards the end of growing season when the best deals are found. So, when you purchase seeds at 10-20 cents a packet I buy A LOT. So every year when I am finished planting the crop, I set aside the rest to be ready for the next year. Some people don’t even realize that the ‘expiration date’ on seeds is more of a ‘best used’ by date and forget that farmers from the early 1900s knew better. Many of these seeds may last many years as I discussed in my article at the Dollar Stretcher, 8 Ways to Eat Organic and Save Money. Make sure you store them correctly, otherwise it is all for waste.

2. Save Seeds from the Harvest Yearly

All plants that grow in your garden has all the plant DNA it needs to create more plants. And each plant will go to see if you let it, but sometimes this means having a few extra plants just to harvest for seeds.  Once the growing season is done, make sure you harvest those seeds and it adds bulk to the free seeds you already have.

3. Save seeds from organic produce purchases.

The Farmer’s Market is a little bit chaotic and it’s just a so so place that I go, but when I do all I can think of is, “SCORE!” Did you realize that half of the vegetables that you get at the farmers market has seeds, your cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and more? Why does that matter?  Well if you are buying produce to eat, now you can save what is needed for the next planting season.

4. Ask for gifts of seeds.

I never thought to ask for vegetable seeds, but I have bought seeds every year.  This past year, however, for Christmas I received a pack of unique vegetable seeds and it made me think how much I liked gifts of seeds, even if they are unusual.

5. Swap extra seeds

Neighbors, friends, and family that grow gardens are most likely also stocking up more than they can use on seeds. Have you asked them if they have extra seeds to spare to swap or share?

Remember, Sharing is Caring!

Once you have your free seeds, check my New Life of Easter to see what you need to do to prepare them for their new life.

What unusual ways have you
received garden seeds?

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