Are you BACKING up your DATA? – #TechTipTuesday

Are you backing up your DATA-

Have you been putting off protecting your data by backing up your documents and pictures?  If you are like me and have continued to put off backing up your devices it is time to stop and make sure that your precious pictures, documents, music & videos are protected from failures….  TECHNOLOGY DOES FAIL!


Backing up your life from your computer does not have to be difficult, but it does have to be done. Most people might not think about this, or might not know how to, but computers and technology fail.  It it the one thing that you can guarantee about any computer, tablet or smartphone.  There are so many different types of failure and you should not wait until it is to late.

Here are just a few causes that could create ultimate data failure.

Internal Failure            If I haven’t convinced you YET, then what can I say, you might just have to experience that devastation of losing all of your data on your own for the first time before you believe me.  Now there are probably a gazillion different methods to backup your data.  Let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways.

1. Copy & Paste 

Probably one of the easiest methods to backup up your data is just a simple copy and paste to another device, and can even be set up to complete the copy and paste automatically.

2. SyncBack for Windows

Syncback is a very simple and free Windows application that can be used to schedule backups and can even backup to a single compressed file which are much easier to manipulate.

3. Windows Backup/Mac OS X Time Machine

Both Windows and Mac OS X come with a backup option that can easily be set up to AUTOMATICALLY backup your documents according to a planned schedule. HOW COOL IS THAT! 

4. Android Easy Backup & Google Drive

Quickly sync your photos by saving (up to 700 at a time) them to Google Drive or through Google Photos and backup your important contact and messaging with Apps like Easy Backup.

5. iPhone/iPad/iPod – iCloud

iCloud is a really simple method to backing up your phone if you have an iPhone.  it can also be a great way to share photos with family as well.

          Unless you have absolutely no documents, photos of your family, music or videos or family you should heed this advice and start some method of backup regiment.  If you have none of the above, then I suggest you crawl out of whatever rock you are hiding under, because even my grandparents in their 80’s have photos and documents that they don’t want to lose.

How do you BACK UP your DATA?